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Water bath

The video describes the Water Bath, its principles, operation, maintenance and calibration.
Ibrahim Gaming : you are a technical in serology lab, and you have a problem with the water bath, in which it can't raise the water temperature to 70 C,what will you do in this case?
water bath imformation
Plus 255 Studios : Loved it
INFO CORNER : Massive description....feeling quite tough..plz add less written data and add more equipment working with examples
Dhivyan S R : How to medical uses in water bath
Ridwan Salifu : too much text

Memmert Waterbath Training - Operating the Basic Controller

Beni S-one : hello, i have a little problem, in the display showing a symbol of "temperature protection (TB)", any solution??
Lasec : Hi Beni, All water baths are fitted with a mechanical temperature limiter (TB) Protection Class 1 to DIN 12880. If the electronic control unit should fail during operation and the fixed factory-set maximum temperature is exceeded by approx. 30°C the temperature limiter switches off the heating permanently as a final protective measure. The symbol lights up continuously as a warning.

In addition to its function as overtemperature protection, the TB also operates as low-level protection, i.e. the heating is switched off permanently if the liquid drops below a certain level. As a warning, the symbol lights up continuously.

Please see page 13 of this document, https://www.memmert.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=5315&token=8a24842996f805be3740965c13a73a63dd431a41, for possible solutions to fix. It is recommended to contact your supplier directly for further customer support so as to not damage the equipment.
Beni S-one :  @Lasec  okay, thanks for your advice, i'll try it first

Step-By-Step Guide To Water Bath Canning (Pickled Beans)- AnOregonCottage.com

I used to be nervous about canning food. My Mom didn't do it growing up. But many years ago I taught myself, from books, reading online tutorials, and FDA guidelines. It's really not that scary.

If you follow the recipes and a few simple rules, you'll be fine. In this video I show you step-by-step how to do water bath canning, using pickled beans as an example.

Water bath canning requires only basic kitchen tools, a few inexpensive items you could pick up at a thrift store, and one working burner on your stove. After you watch this, you're going to say, "I can't believe how easy that is!"

CANNER UPDATE: I now use a stainless steel canner with a glass top that I wish I had always used!! It's SO much easier to monitor the boil with a glass top AND it has a thick FLAT bottom that makes it usable for glass-top stoves!!

Here is a link to that pickled bean recipe if you're interested (it's my favorite with the perfect balance of sweet and salty):

Here is the link to the stainless steel canner (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2vhw1HT

Here is the list of essential canning supplies I use, plus a few nice-to-have items:

Get more details on canning and all other kinds of food preparation at AnOregonCottage.com
Sarah Pope : Thank you so much for this simple straightforward video about canning!
June Kamba : This video has been so wonderful. I can now can at home stress free
Eggers n Bacon : Thank you, I found a recipe for pickled green beans for our very first thing to try canning. I was pretty sure we were doing everything right, but it’s always nice to have a video explain it.
Dana : Thank you for making a simple concise guide for us beginners.
Stacie Gulizia : Thank you so much for this information! You explained the process so clearly in an easy to understand format. Exactly what I needed!




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