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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT 130 and TT 100 at Obsnap Instruments

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is used to determine the thickness of the material being tested. It is widely used in
* petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation shipbuilding places on a variety of materials
* It is also applicable in piping and pressure vessels for monitoring wall thinning due to corrosion
Александр Демидов : hello! how match tt130 in us $?

Ultrasonic thickness gauge, Meter, Tester Time TT100

This is the basic operation of Time Group TT100 ultrasonic thickness gauge. It shows how to do calibration, how to take measurement on flat surface and cylinders, and how to switch between mm and inch. Video by
Petrônio Farias : Olá estou com um defeito na máquina está ao silando quer fazer
Javier Rodriguez Lopez : Hi there, i was wondering if the steel part is painted, will that affect the measuring? do i have to clean off paint the part before measure?
sathi reddyb : How to to measure the thickness of a glass cermic when we don't know it's velocity of sound through that material? Please give me answer. Thank you.

ROAD⚡️ WARRIORS ✔️ Irish Road Racing☘️ + (Southern100, Isle of Man)

Mass Start, Irish☘️Road⚡️Racing
+ (Southern 100) Road Races, Isle of Man.
Not the TT.

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Thank you for all the Likes+Shares :)

Song "Radioactive" By, Within Temptation

#TT #IsleOfMan #WithinTemptation
evanation : Love the race.. Nice background music too..
christophe851 : je suis francais.very good video
Chris Cote : 2:49!!! Yes!
Cornivus7 : No music please
Gowipe Yourass : A race track is a race track but isle of man is a public road for fucksake
Betsy Gray : Who in their right mind would ruin footie that good by playing music?
Beta Tester : Anyone who enter this race is already a champion even before they reach the finishing line.
Karan : there is time gap between two rider in starting can anyone told me that how it compensate
t8mer : 1:07 reminds of Road Rash in the 90's
lajos juhász : apache helicopter move so in air




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