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Mizuno MP59 MP53 Compared

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Mizuno MP59 MP53 Compared by Mark Crossfield AskGuruGolf PGA Golf Professional. Mark hits two grain flow forged irons from Mizuno golf. The MP59 with its titanium insert and forged head design and the more user friendly MP53. Both ion feature great feel and control for golfers looking at improving their golf game. See which iron might help you play some better golf as Mark hits both Mizuno irons up against each other.
Roxberry24 : Your ball flight would be higher with the 53's as opposed to the 69's.
dcman077 : Great review, as usual... Thank you.
Godly Golf : Could you make a video on the difference between the mp69 irons vs the mp53's. I have the 53's right now but am wondering if the 69's would be better clubs. I like to have a little higher of a ball flight, so which would better suit me?
Dennis Ferm : As always, thanks Mark for your opinions on the clubs you test. Also, thanks for disclosing that the MP 53s are the irons you have chosen among the many you test. I'm with you!. The MP 53s are the best clubs I've ever played. I suppose it's a marketing decision, but I can't understand why Mizuno has put these in the backseat of their promotions while they promote "clunky" Titleist-type irons like the MP 58 and now the MP 59. (???)
gibsongod15 : Most commonly people make combos with the 53/63 or 59/69
Fearskillz1 : Hey where did you get those mizuno golf shoes and how much are they???

Richard Gill : This is a really tough decision for me. I just love the muscle blade look of the 59s. When my ball striking is on, I have no trouble with launch. I tried both clubs at a shop with a swing tracker. With the 6-iron, I can hit the 59s around 19 degrees. The 53s were ballooning up to 21 with a lot of spin. But when I miss I miss thin. And I'm not terribly consistent because I'm out of practice. So for right now I'm putting off the big decision.
vassilis01 : I reminded me of all those 3 putts and knocking it 10 yards past from 50 yards and less:)
Jay Downey : heh, u been watching to many Cialis Ads on The Golf Channel! lol
Parker Jones : I am a 9 or 10 handicapper, i am trying to make the decision between a taylormade MC or the 53's. I am i really good ball striker and am getting new clubs at the end of summer. tell me what you think plz.

Mizuno MP-53 irons (HD)

Mizuno's R\u0026D team explain the DIAMOND MUSCLE concept behind the MP-53 Grain Flow Forged irons on the PGA European Tour official workshop.
Amusing Munch : 30 seconds in and I already heard the reason why I love Mizuno MP's. If I hit or miss the sweet spot I wanna know, I don't want sweet zones the size of the face to reward a bad swing....
itsallgood21211 : do any tour players use the mp53's?

Mizuno MP 53 Irons | Mizuno Iron Reviews The Mizuno MP 53 irons from Mizuno Golf looks great and feel even better. Mark Crossfield the Exeter golf professional hits the new MP 53 irons and lets you see what makes the iron feel so soft and easy to control.
jungfraujoch11333 : Ten year old you tube review wow
HereForTheComments : Recently purchased the Mizuno MP-53 for an incredibly reasonable price. Wow!
mihyaerusan : hi Mark, thank for all the videos. I especially enjoy the course lessons, but for training purposes any of your more instructional videos are even more helpful for achieving some technical progress on my own. Are you planning on a review of the mizuno mp-54 irons? Best regards from Hamburg
Neil Kalra : would the 59's, 64's or these 53's be the best for low-mid handicappers, as well as offering a lower ball flight?
Nev Van Clarke : Having had these for 6 months all I can say is wow!! Great irons, why is that miizuno can make great performing irons that look so good, even the chunky JPX series still look nice, whereas once you get into the thicker irons in other brands they go all bling bling with ugly inserts and the like. I can't fault these irons in any way - I have actually hit the newer 64 and these are just too much for me and really the Mp 53 hasn't been replaced at all. Just a beautiful set of irons that perform!
Nawazesh Zaman Khan : I have not found any review on adams iron. Appreciate if you can review adams a7 / a12 pro against some other brand.

Stephen Junior : thanks i have been nervous if i stepped up to much, makes me feel better :)

Allan Butler : Thanks mark. I changed my mx-100's for the mp-53's and I'm delighted with the 53's. I'm playing off 15 and really feel like they going to allow me to improve further. Couldn't recommend these enough even to higher handy- cap golfers just make sure you have a clear idea on how to strike the ball. And they do really feel very soft!
srooch2 : I noticed you never review any Adams irons, but am very close to getting a new set. Moving from super G.I. irons, I'm torn between Adams Idea Pro A12 irons and MP-53, any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the great reviews
lathaenbaylis : was thinking of trading in my R9 TP irons for the mp 53 wise move or not much point???




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